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bulltaco Avatar
bulltaco: I miss ol forums like these, Vbulletin style, use to MOD a lot of those back in the day lol Mar 19, 2021 19:39:05 GMT
stringtheory111 Avatar
stringtheory111: I'm getting hit hard by nostalgia! Mar 19, 2021 20:48:58 GMT
kerry2020 Avatar
kerry2020: Dark souls is a game I’ve always wanted to try and was always just outside my budget! The other game I would love to try is Tainted Grail! Mar 19, 2021 20:52:26 GMT
Jazz Paladin Avatar
Jazz Paladin: Tainted Grail is great but man , so much content if you get it all! Still working on play through #2 for base game Mar 19, 2021 20:59:35 GMT
Everything Board Games Avatar
Everything Board Games: Glad we can hopefully bring back some of the good 'ole days for y'all! Mar 19, 2021 21:02:05 GMT
sergekaldany Avatar
sergekaldany: hello all: new exciting game we created. Check it out! Mar 19, 2021 23:35:20 GMT
harryjacobs Avatar
harryjacobs: you have a PnP version to be checked out? Mar 23, 2021 12:25:16 GMT
harryjacobs Avatar
harryjacobs: @lake Magic Legends is open Beta today you want some Video? Mar 23, 2021 12:25:50 GMT
Everything Board Games Avatar
Everything Board Games: sure! Mar 23, 2021 17:41:06 GMT
sergekaldany Avatar
sergekaldany: please send your email to [email protected] to set it up! Mar 27, 2021 0:55:12 GMT
nickbro249 Avatar
nickbro249: So when do we find out who won Stellaris?? :D Mar 30, 2021 15:17:56 GMT
Jazz Paladin Avatar
Jazz Paladin: As soon as I open the package when it gets in the mail ;) Mar 30, 2021 22:39:09 GMT
Everything Board Games Avatar
Everything Board Games: HEY! Mar 31, 2021 3:40:19 GMT
Everything Board Games Avatar
Everything Board Games: @nickbro I'm waiting to hear some answers back from the publisher. Thanks for checking! Mar 31, 2021 19:44:09 GMT *
nickbro249 Avatar
nickbro249: Thanks! I'm excited to find out Apr 1, 2021 14:23:56 GMT
Everything Board Games Avatar
Everything Board Games: Winners will get messages via this forum. So make sure to check and reply to messages on here! Apr 3, 2021 22:28:53 GMT
epgmike Avatar
epgmike: Hey everyone! I wanted to share our Kickstarter page: Written by contributors of The Uncaged Anthology, Kingdoms and Warfare, and Beyond the Basics Apr 13, 2021 20:39:15 GMT
twoid Avatar
twoid: Hi gamers, we have just launched Legends of Void. Take a look at our boardgame on KS: Apr 13, 2021 21:09:48 GMT
ultimatepartygames Avatar
ultimatepartygames: Do you like card games? Do you like parodies of the extreme greed of Wall St? Well you should check out The Ultimate Stocks Game on Kickstarter: Apr 14, 2021 2:06:15 GMT
kitdoframstargames Avatar
kitdoframstargames: Hi Everyone! The Kickstarter for our first board game Hivernation is now live! Hivernation is a two player tile laying area control strategy game with a bee theme. Yup, another bee game. :)[/ur Apr 14, 2021 16:06:15 GMT